Here at 58VE we are committed to ensuring our venue and the events held within it are environmentally conscious and limit our environmental impact as best we can. We are committed to reducing this impact by continually striving to improve our understanding of sustainable practices and only working with suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability. 

The examples on this page highlight areas we’re particularly proud of but are by no means extensive.


BREEAM Excellent

58VE is BREEAM rated excellent, this means our building is recognised as a sustainable environment that enhances the well-being of those who work and visit us while helping to protect and preserve natural resources.

This recognises features such as the 29 solar panels on the roof which feed enough energy into the building to supply half a floor for three months or a floor for 6 weeks. It also includes the Building Management System which ensures that the building is not wasting energy through lighting and temperature control.

Additionally, all of the toilets in 58VE are filled using greywater. This is rain water collected from the roof and gutters which is filtered using an anaerobic process before it is mixed with mains water meaning that we can reduce and recycle more of our water.


Waste & Recycling

All of our waste and recycling is transported via barge along the river to South London where it then travels a short distance to the Waste for Energy Plant in Bermondsey. Once there it is converted into electricity which supplies local households.

All of our food waste goes to an aerobic facility which converts the waste to energy and the residual slurry to high grade fertiliser and our confidential waste is recycled to pulp.



In addition to the solar panels the rest of the electricity at 58VE is procured through a company called Haven who are in turn supplied from the Drax Biomass facility which means our energy is clean, green and 100% renewable.

A small amount of gas is procured through Crown which isn’t as green as the electricity supply unfortunately as Britain ia a large importer of gas.

To provide hot water around the building a combined heat and power unit is used which is an energy efficient system that allows us to only use the boilers in cold weather.